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Journalists rely on KVH TracVision Satellite TV Systems to Stay Connected in Times of Crisis




Media Covering Conflict in Lebanon are Latest to Depend on TracVision In-motion Satellite TV System for Access to Live Regional and International News Coverage as TV and Radio Infrastructure is Heavily Damaged


MIDDLETOWN, RI – August 30, 2006 – In the face of natural disasters or armed conflict, staying connected to local and international news is often a challenge. With over-the-air TV and radio broadcasts often unavailable due to infrastructure damage, satellite TV programming becomes a communication lifeline. Nowhere has this been more evident in recent weeks than in Lebanon, where electronics expert Joe Barhoush and an Australian TV news team have been relying on KVH Industries’ TracVision® satellite TV system to stay up-to-date on real-time news as they travel throughout the conflict zone.

With an in-motion TracVision system mounted on their 4x4 vehicle, the media team is able to watch live news updates on the in-vehicle video screens as they drive to crisis scenes or move quickly to safety. Thanks to its reception of regional satellite TV services, the TracVision antenna offers the team uninterrupted access to breaking news in the midst of the conflict, as well as an uninterrupted look at the international response to the war and the diplomatic efforts being made to remedy the situation.

“KVH’s TracVision system is the only land mobile satellite TV system that I know of that offers on-the-move reception of satellite TV in Lebanon and the Middle East”, elaborates Joe Barhoush. “Even on the most rugged and war-torn terrain, we have been able to rely on TracVision to bring us the latest updates on the war. The TracVision system has been an invaluable source of real-time news as our TV and radio infrastructure continues to sustain more damage.”

While the vehicle is in-motion, the TracVision’s stabilized antenna automatically tracks the two satellites that broadcast television programming to Lebanon – the Nilesat 7°W and Arabsat 26°E. At the same time, KVH’s integrated DVB® technology provides instant identification of the satellite being tracked, ensuring that the antenna locks onto the satellite and provides continuous coverage of digital programming such as CNN, FOX News, SKYNEWS, EURONEWS, Al Arabya, Al Jazeera, LBCI, and many other broadcasts.


For Joe and other media teams in the area, the TracVision satellite TV system is enabling them to get the latest in real-time news, as well as help inform the rest of the world about the most up-to-date developments in the war. In addition to its ongoing use on vehicles in Lebanon, the TracVision systems have proven to be a valuable resource during natural disasters, such as Hurricane Katrina, as well as on mobile command vehicles used by emergency responders around the globe.


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