Hoist Group France number one in Hospitality IPTV and Digitial signage with 23 years of experience.

Smart TV Solutions for Hotels
We have extensive experience in putting together customized TV and information solutions for everything from hostels to luxury five-star hotels. We help you provide your guests with both entertainment and information through any channel or device you wish.

Digital Head-end Gives You Options
A digital head-end receives satellite signals and distributes programming to television sets at your hotel. With a digital head-end, you choose which channels are available. Head-ends also come in different sizes, with room for many or few channels.

Guest Service Portal for Every Device
Provide your guests with customized hotel information and offers anywhere in the hotel. The portal is accessible via both smart TVs and guests' mobile devices.

Hotel Information and Offers for Guests
Our guest service portal lets you easily give your guests access to hotel information and offers no matter where they are in the hotel. The information is fully customized to suit your guests and their needs

Restaurant menus and opening hours
Transport information
Links to tourist information and flight check-ins
Internal streaming for TV channels

Website: www.hoistgroup.com

Application Examples