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LSi 9

Our Finest Bookshelf The best bookshelf in the LSi series, LSi9 speakers sound incredible. You can enjoy them with or without a subwoofer. Set them on a shelf or sturdy stands and let them sing. With each speaker containing a ring radiator tweeter, cascaded dual 5¼" drivers, PowerPort and usable response below 40 Hz, your music and movies will come to life.
Ring Radiator Tweeters These exotic tweeters offer some of the finest highs you'll hear out of a speaker. The ring radiator tweeter is the same one found on ultra-high end speakers that cost more than a car! But with Polk LSi, you can experience its precise accuracy and meticulous detail at a fraction of the price. Learn more about the magic behind the Ebony or Cherry Side Panels* Made from real wood veneer instead of simulated vinyl. The side panels bring each side's thickness to 1.5" to further brace the cabinet against unwanted resonances. Best of all they look marvelous. Cast Aluminum Driver Frames Other speakers use inferior stamped steel baskets which can flex while playing, muddying up the mids. Not so with LSi series- the midbass drivers use cast aluminum baskets to prevent unwanted flex. Aerated Polypropylene Drivers with Dynamic Balance How does LSi sound so warm and natural? The material the speaker is made of has a lot to do with it. Aerated polypropylene is stiff on the outside providing transient response, but "chewy' on the inside providing damping and light mass. Want to learn more about the benefits of this space age material? Click here for an in-depth explanation. Dynamic Balance is a Polk perfected method of analyzing a speaker's behavior at the microscopic level with lasers to tune out unwanted resonance and distortion. Adjustable Rubber Feet/Carpet Spikes On tower models, the feet are adjustable incase your floor isn't as perfect as your speakers. Use the non skid rubber feet on hard surfaces and spikes on carpet. PowerPort® Patented* Polk technology is featured on every LSi Series speaker. PowerPort provides deep bass while preventing unwanted air chuffing. Mirrored Design Ordinary speakers use the same speaker as the left and right, but higher end speakers such as LSi are mirrored, designated left and right. This brings you perfectly Piano Gloss Black Cabinet The piano gloss black cabinet looks classy and blends in with either antique décor or modern high tech furnishings, but it doesn't stop there. The cabinet is extensively braced killing any unwanted cabinet resonance. Knock on any LSi speaker to give them the knuckle test and feel how solidly they're built. Magnetically Shielded All models* are magnetically shielded for safe placement near CRT displays. *Except LSiFX, but you wouldn't put your surround speakers next to your TV anyway… ARC Port Featured in all models*. Unfortunately all speakers have a resonance point that will cause midbass boom causing vocals to sound "chesty." We address this problem head on with patented** ARC Port technology bringing you clear, resonance free midrange