XPlay, the ultimate media experience. Your complete collection of music and movies in one state of the art Rip-n-Store system, at your fingertips. Never change another disk again.

Easier than ever: easily insert any CD, DVD or Blu-ray and your XPlay system will make a top-quality audio or video back-up.

Smarter than ever: if you whish, XPlay will also create MP3 or MP4 files, so you can enjoy your favorite music or films on the go.

Better than ever: all our servers are designed, assembled and programmed in The Netherlands. Just to make sure you get the very best in terms of quality and service. Plus 3 years warranty.

You can play your movies using Zappiti 4K players, Apple TV, iPhone/iPad, ... even synchronize your library on your mobile device using My Movies App(my movie logo app)

Website: www.xplay-international.com

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